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The Boogie Minute - Episode 50!
The 50th Episode of The Boogie Minute!!! How crazy is that?!?!?

A BIG Thank You to everyone for watching the Boogie Minute! Thanks for taking the time to watch as well as the feedback at the shows, we love laughing all over again, especially at The MacDaddy's expense! Also, a BIG Thank You to everyone that's been a part of the Boogie Minute as well. Taking time out of your day to spend (and put up) with the MacDaddy is really appreciated (watch 'til the end)!

You can find all of the new and old episodes at

Thank You Again,
The MacDaddy
Happy Holidays! - December 23, 2016

Hey Boogie People! We'd like to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe Holiday Season! As 2016 comes to a close, we'd also like to say thank you for all of your support! It's been a great year with great shows throughout all because of you, The Boogie People!

We have a lot of great shows coming up in 2017 and we look forward to seeing you there as well as welcoming new friends into the DU Universe!

Until then, enjoy the Holidays with your friends and family, throw in a little Disco and Boogie down! Ok, Ok, MacDaddy says have some pizza too!. You'd would think he'd try something different!!!

We look forward to seeing the Boogie People in the New Year, until then…

Peace, Love and Boogie!
Disco Unlimited
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The Boogie Minute - August 8, 2016

Hey there Boogie People,

The one year anniversary for the Boogie Minute is here. The first episode was posted on July 20, 2015 and since then we’ve produced 34, it’s been a blast creating these “webisodes!” Being able to work with my band mates, my family, my friends and some very special guests has been a privilege and an honor. This little idea turned into something fun and engaging on both sides of the camera. But none of this would be possible without the help of some very important people. Thank you to Rob for always being there to help and for putting up with a lot of crazy MacDaddy Diva nonsense (Stop, Stop, I’m Sweating!) and to Tina for always being there for last minute/late night cameos and for last minute food requests (yes Boogie People, the food in the videos are all real!). Again, I’ve been lucky enough to have family and friends be a part of the Boogie Minute and play along with some of the silly ideas that the MacDaddy comes up with, thank you for all of your help and support!

Thank you to France Joli, Joe Causi, Butch Yamali, Chef Rodrigo and Phil Francavilla for taking the time to film the Boogie Minute!

Thank you also to Boogie Sista, Joe Cool, Mac Nonno, Masta G, Nonna Mac, Sista Soul, Start Cat, Tony Groove, Rob A., Sal A., Tina A., Mary B., John C., Bobby D., Dino F., Dorothy F., Olivia F., Nicholas F., Rob F., Shaniqua G., John L., Michelle L., Tracy L., Kathleen O., Cynthia P., Ron P., Joseph R. Jr., Abby R., Patricia S., Prudy.

I would also like to thank YOU, The Boogie People, for taking the time to watch & comment on the videos and/or stopping by to chat about them at the shows. It’s all about having fun which is why we do what we do!

You can check out all of the Boogie Minute webisodes in order of release at the link below.


We look forward to seeing the Boogie People at our upcoming shows, until then, Boogie On!


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SPRING FEVER - March 1, 2015

Hey Boogie People!

It's finally March!!! And what does that mean? Spring is just around the corner!!! Yes, it's been a "chilly" winter and we're ready for some warmer weather for sure. So get the automobile to the Car Wash, get all that street salt off, roll down the windows and blast your favorite Disco tunes. What?!?! Another storm is coming tonight? Guess we'll have to wait a little bit longer… In the meantime, check out the DU Schedule page, it's been updated up to May. We have some great shows at great venues along with some great Disco Artists.

DU Schedule Page

Until then, Boogie On!
Disco Unlimited
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The Reflective MacDaddy - October 2, 2013

Hey Boogie People, it’s the Mac Daddy and he’s in a reflective mood. He's been thinking about the recent shows and how amazing they've been… From
MaliBlue Oyster Bar to Hudsons on The Milel to Antonettes, El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant, The Fishery and The Emporium… These shows were made memorable because of all of YOU – THE BOOGIE PEOPLE!!!

To add to the Mac Daddy’s Delight… not only did DU share the same stage, but DU had the honor of performing Come To Me WITH
France Joli to close out the show last Friday at The Emporium. How Boogielicious is that?!?!?!?

So the Mac Daddy would like to put the Boogie Bus in park for a moment and say “THANK YOU” on behalf of Disco Unlimited!!! Thank you for choosing to spend your evenings with DU, thank you for choosing to dance with DU and thank you for singing along with DU. It’s you the Boogie People who help us transport the shows back to a magical time in all of our lives!!!

Boogie On!
Mac Daddy

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What makes DU Groove? - November 14, 2012

What makes Disco Unlimited groove? We’ll share the spice of life with you – get to know DU!!
Favorite Foods – this is a challenging category, because basically, we have found once you are past a “certain age” it’s not about the cocktails…it’s about the FOOD!
  • L & B Squares
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Pacini’s in Staten Island
  • No Pudge Fudge BROWNIES!
  • Sista Soul’s Pumpkin Soufflé
  • Joe Cool’s Salad
  • Roast beef sandwiches with gravy
  • Rice ball Special from Puglia’s – Mmmm!
  • ANYTHING from El Mariachi
  • Sista’s homemade cookies
  • Chicken Souvlaki Platter at 3am – no grizzle please!!
  • Cheese Burger Deluxe with Disco Fries
Recreational Drugs: Advil
So you want to win over Disco Unlimited – forget the bar tab…break out the buffet!
We’ll race you…

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Summer Lovin' - September 9, 2012

So, another summer has passed – and it has certainly been a summer of “peace, love and boogie” for Disco Unlimited! We have had so many FANtastic outdoor shows this year – from Eisenhower Park to Jones Beach…from the Conference House in Staten Island to El Mariachi and Maliblue…and all the indoor places in between. Much thanks goes to YOU, the DU Universe, for coming out in full force every week to shimmy and shake with us!

We even had a “look, boss, ze plane” moment! Disco Unlimited soaring through the sky above Lido Beach as we prayed that the rain would stay away (which it did!). Just in case, we bought a tarp that is over 2400 square feet in total. Yes, that’s right. Sixty feet by forty feet. We thought we were so smart – this will cover everything – even most of the fans at Jones Beach!! Then we opened it for the first time and tried wrap it up again – HA! You should have seen Boogie Sista jumping up and down on it while Sista Soul tried to roll it up. That would have been some prized video footage!

I also think we might consider a summer weight loss program – Boogie to Burn! I would be curious to see how many calories we burned and how many pounds we sweated off this summer. Between moving equipment and then the boys – Mac Daddy, Joe Cool, Masta G and Strat Cat – playing in fur coats (don’t worry, it’s only faux my PETA friends!), I’m sure we could come up with a successful program.

We are ready for Sista Soul’s favorite time of year – the fall. Back to all of our local favorites, like Puglia’s of Garden City, Manhattan Lounge and Butterfield’s – and some new venues like Sugar. We hope to see every single member of the DU Universe in the coming months, dancing the night away with us to our favorite songs from the disco era. Lots of new fun tunes coming your way soon – boogie on!

-Sista Soul

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